What is eTwinning ?

eTwinning is a school website where you can work and exchange with students all over Europe. It was created in 2005. This project is about making contact between students from different nationalities so they could have a pleasant way to work. This platform now counts 122,098 projects with 217,744 schools. The Lycée d’Arsonval has done many projects in eTwinning and this year we worked with Italian and Greek students. It was really great to communicate with people we didn’t know and who speak different native languages.

The presentations of our cities

In this project we learned about the other cities of the students from Greece and Italy. Each country presented another one. With the questions asked by the Greeks to the Italians and with some research they made a presentation of the city of Venice, especially about the geography, tourist attractions and the inhabitants. It was very interesting to discover other cities. The Italians presented our city, Saint Maur des Fossés. They talked about the location of the city, the climate, and the eight neighborhoods. They talked about what can be visited, the sports, outings around and Saint Maur’s history, culture and art too.

How do they know our city so well ?

It’s because they asked us a lot of questions and we answered them with pleasure. They used that to create their power point. It’s fun to see how they visualize our city; this project was really fantastic. We therefore carried out the same project for the city of Athens, in Greece.

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